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Anyone else notice the ball just suddenly stop at the end of the video. I am creating Age of Empires 1 Portable. This is NOT going to be distributed in any way as this is for my personal use. I will be happy to upload the launcher for anyone who wants it. I have created a launcher for the game. However, when it starts to launch, I get an error: Could not initialize graphics system. That's a great way to create spin without the risk of thinning the shot.

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I'm watching this after a pretty bad day at TopGolf

Last post: 12/26/2019. Did anyone notice the ball is on a tee at 3:19.


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Iv'e struggled with my driving all my life, fading the ball left to right every shot, this video has taught be to take a shorter but better swing and it travels the same distance because iv'e taken all the fade off it, thx for your help. Way too much talking and not enough physical demonstration. Make full swings to show us visuals.
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Thumbs up if you think the narrator, and the guy in the video, should be flight attendants that explain the emergency exits. its golf! not turbulence on a frikken plane. I do this technique all the time and never seem to get spin. my question is, how come no matter how high I chip the ball it never kicks. Love it. Proverbs 25:11 - Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Bible.

Thanks guys! it's quite helpful

You can record your voice by saying the words 12 Fry Words. There are many apps available on Google play store for SSC CGL preparation and It is difficult to figure out which is the best app. Having more than 2 years of experience in this ed-tech world, I would suggest you to prepare from gradeup. Gradeup. A new owner has purchased Swagger Distribution Company, a. Learn Portuguese Phrasebook - Apps on Google Play. Dude had that shot teed up in the fairway- Super spin.


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